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Will Fellini[Talking about Stonehenge and MoonLand modpacks] : I enjoyed both games very much.
Andrew Coates (The Desert Civ2 Site)[Talking about the Tour Eiffel Civ2 Site] : This site has the greatest quality of resources, new material and just looks the best too.
Dennis CangemiYour Civ II Site is the most amazing site I have been to for Civ II.
Daria SalusburyMake it on your web site and your web site is the absoutly great the best i've seen in a matter of fact
Andrew W.L. ChuFrederic,
Thank you for your consideration for helping me...
You really are a good, helpful guy. Thanks !
[Later...] : By the way I checked out your site again and I think it is one of the best sites on the net.
PC Game ZoneThe Tour Eiffel Civ2 Site is dedicated to offer the most original and high-quality features concerning Civilization II. In particular, unique unit designs, terrains and remarkable modpacks. Go and check out the new 2.1 version of the Stonehenge modpack.
I found your page intereseting, original, usefull, and over all quite organised. Definatly one of the best Civ II sites on the net!
[We won the PC Game Zone Award for January 1998]
Square 613 (@AOL)The stonehenge mod is the most interesting game I have ever played in my life
Andrew CoatesI'd just like to say that, the Stonehenge MOD is an amazing MOD. First time in ages I have played civ2 for more than an hour at a time. (I played it for about 5 hours straight then another 2 during the same day)
[Later...] : As for maintaining such a high quality of modpacks/scenarios on your site, I am very glad, and I think it is what makes your civ 2 site one of the best.
David (USA - Pacific)I congradulate you on your effort. You did a wonderful job, I would like to see that continue.
Well well well David... if we accept every exciting suggestion we receive (even if it flatters us and encourages our conception of the game !), we won't do anything else !
Anton Vaaranmaa (Finland)I downloaded your stonehenge modpack (and the moon modpack as well), and they´re the greatest mods I´ve ever seen! Absolutely FABULOUS!
Jared Ostlie (CIVMANIA Site)what I have seen of it [the Stonehenge modpack], I love. I always had wanted one like that, cause I like playing civ through all the stages (stonehenge, ancient, normal, hitech, and space or some modpack like that) and invent the story of a civilization that passes through all of them. And I had been missing the fisrt part of it.
Ed KolesarI would like to say I think the space civ mod pac was really cool, I have enjoyed it a lot.
Thank you Ed, but stay in touch with the Stonehenge one !
Christian Barbieri (Bologna)Ciao Frédéric Tu as fait un merveilleux travail! Les dinos sont étonnants! Mes compliments!
Karl StraubHello, Frederic! I have visited your site several times and I must say it looks quite nice! Good design skills.
Pablo Farias - Chilean Civ2 SiteI saw the preview of your [Stonehenge] modpack and it looks really good, its a very good idea, nobody had think it before
Serge - Civilization II Artificer's GuildThis is great! You got it done quick!
I will put a note up on my website and tell people to go play it :)
Andrew CoatesI'd just like to say..WOW!! I great job on the stonehenge Modpack, Well done!!!
Mark Fisher, Glyph Civ2 SiteI paid a visit to your site and I must say your graphics look great. You've obviously put a lot of time and effort into getting the mods just right. I look forward to downloading your packs and giving them a go.
The First Greek Civ2 Page[The MoonLand modpack] converts Earth to Moon! A wonderfull patch, which changes almost all graphic files and the rules.
Civ2 Artificers GuildMoon and Modern Mods With excellent terrain and icon integration. Some good art here.
BRANDON DIGGSThis is the best civ2 page there is and i've been to almost all of them. The mod packs are great I have no complaints.
The DunawaysHowdy. I think that you are doing a great job on your page and I like how you are improving it. Thanks again for your help!
SafeGuardJust wanted to say, your Sound Table was really really useful, and your site is great...nothing else like it on the net...keep on the hard work...
Michael D. McCart (Heaven's Web)Heaven is High Lighting Frédéric Meunié's "The Tour Eiffel Civ II Site" Most of Frédéric's material offered on his site can't be found anywhere else, on the below link are just some examples of his great stuff. Of really special interest, if your a scenario or mod pack designer is his Unit Sound Table, this table matches the Civ II sounds with each Civ II unit! A must download, check out his page now! GO HERE TO GET A SEEK PEEK OF THIS GREAT SITE!
Samuel ChatelainTon site est génial. merci pour les fichiers à télécharger.
Michael D. McCart (Heaven's Web)GREAT JOB on your site, its really taking off, glad to see your covering different areas of Civ II/III that aren't cover else where, keep up the great work. Mike
Luka RejecHi! I'm in the process of making a modpack. I need moon terrains, and although I have already made some, the ones you have here are WAY better.
PS Thanx for the sounds bit, it really helps.
Drewhey, great site, and i'm new to the net.
Andrew CoatesWOW I'll defenatly be using some of those units... I know you did them on your own and to be honest I am amazed at them I could never draw anything like that. If you were to make some planets that are just as good then I would defenatly use them.
Bill AbbruzzeseEnjoyed the visit, great page. thanks
The DunawaysHello, Great Home page! I like all of the orginal work you are doing with your unit creation. You've got some great ideas!
Dan KaletaI stopped in and got that space shuttle graphic. It's just what I needed. Thanks! You've got some cool stuff on this page.
Dorian Crede (The CivIII Page)Dear developper of the Tour Eiffel Civ2 Page, your Page is really great; keep on doing your job!
The Emperor (The Ultimate Civ2 Site)Frederic - I checked out your page, very nice new units indeed. I will be sure to update the link to your page ASAP.