Definitly one of the best Civ II sites on the net !
PC Game Zone

Last review : Apr. 19 '98

PCGame Zone's Interesting Link of the Month Award.
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...interesting, original, useful, and over all quite organised.
Definitly one of the best Civ II sites on the net !

PC Game Zone

LordAwardAnd the winner of the prestegious "overlord of creation" award for brilliance in Civ2 craftsmanship for the month of April, and it's been a long time coming: Frederic Meunie! The award is for excellence in scenario or modpack (what you won it for) design. It's been a long time coming, and i think everyone recognizes the fact that your mods are awesome! (Apr. 19 '98)

HartAwardCongratulations! Your web page has been selected to receive the "FLY WITH EAGLES" award presented by HART Enterprises* ( You are only the 389th recipient, even though we have received over 900 nominations. This award was implemented because in 1984, as the result of an accident while serving as an officer on active duty with the US Army, I became a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. Thus, the "Fly With Eagles" award was born. We surf the net looking for worthy web pages. Your respect for proper NET ETHICS and your ability to display your web page in a LOGICAL, INFORMATIVE, and CREATIVE format places you among only a handful of web masters that have received this award.
Bruce Hart
Life Member of the Paralyzed Veterans of America

(Apr. 14 '98)

KindHeartedIn reviewing your site I have found it to be very nice... I enjoyed the visit... I will be happy to award you with my new award...
(Apr. 13 '98)

FoxAwardWonderfuL site! Outstanding graphics! I really liked the navigation bar at the top. Nice work!
(Apr. 10 '98)

Cricket Moon Excellence of the WebEnjoying the game myself, I must say I especially enjoyed your site during my award reviews. You have done a great job here.
Keep up the great work!
Walk in Beauty!

(Apr. 09 '98)

StarSaber's Award of ExcellenceYour web site has EARNED the StarSaber's Award of Excellence.
Display your award with pride as it is only presented to sites that excel in design, content, and creativity.
My compliments on a job well done!

(Apr. 08 '98)

Astrolady's Best Homepage awardGreat page with excellent layout and easy navigation
(Mar. 24 '98)

Apply for your Award of Excellence in DesignIt's easy to navigate and the graphics are great. You employ one of the best designs for the onmouseover script in your menu bar that I have seen. Your use of frames is not only effective but also makes the navigation easier. You should be proud of your work on your site. Keep up the good work. As you know quality web pages do not come easily or over night.
(Feb. 23 '98)

Your site is very cool !
(Feb. 06 '98)

Congratulations again and keep up the very good work you have been doing
(Jan. 23 '98)

Vision Scan has awarded your site, The Tour Eiffel Civ2 Site, the Lighthouse Award for Web Excellence!

(Jan. 19 '98)

The TDS award is given for good design and/or good graphic using. Your site is well designed and managed.
(Jan. 19 '98)

Your award and its pages have been rated a Level 3.0 from AWARD SITES ! I wish you continued success with your award and site.(Jan. 15 '98)

Your web site has been chosen by our staff as useful, fun, exciting, looks great !
Webflier (Jan. 12 '98)

Your site has gone through some serious testing here at the webcenter and your site has passed with honors.
Wetwired (Jan. 11 '98)

Apply for yours!...your site is both original in content and aesthetically pleasing !
The Ultimate Links and Sites Awards (Jan. 02 '98)

award...good design, clever graphics, and your content is
informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access.
A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web.

The Critical Mass Award (Jan. 01 '98)

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