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My favourite & highly recommended CIV2 sites
Other nice various & original CIV2 sites... Enjoy !
Last added !

The Great Icon Library (GIL)

A large ("huge" from some sources) library of Civ2 icons and paraphernalia

We say it's a remarkable work done here, presenting every needed units to modpack or scenario maker in helpful ways. Two new exciting pages have been recently added. Congratulations !

APOLYTON Civilization Site
ACS, the result of the merger of TFGC2S and UCIVIIS, is the largest Civilization site on the Net !
Civilization II Scenario Strategies
It has strategies for the scenarios World War 1979 and The Mongol Hordes from the Conflicts in Civilization CD
R & J's CivII Page
Ray Brennan and "J" have just started to get this site going but soon they hope to have many files to sink your teeth into.
Nemesis' Civilization II
Exciting comments and conversion to Mac-Inctosh of the wellknown Tour Eiffel main modpacks are available here
The Spanish Civilization II Page
Glimpses of Spain's history thru Civ2 scenarios
One of he best war-miniatures designer in www
Civilization II Multi-Player Mail Forum
New idea for the Multi-Player Civ2 Game. It will be a centralized messaging system for all players to contact other players in order to play over the net. No e-mail addresses required to find people to play with. Just fill out the join page and with-in 24 hours you will be setup with your own personal mailbox and admin. password & log-in for deleting your own messages
Civ2 en Français !
D'après son auteur, "Le seul site francophone entièrement consacré à Civilization2". (C'est vrai que ça repose de lire un peu en Français !)
Stewart Spink's Civ2 Site
a relatively new, but flourishing Civilization 2 website, updated regularly
The Civilization 2 Multi-player Ladder and Tournament Site
Frank Johnson offers here a location devoted to multi-players
The World of Civilization II
A Spanish/English new born page, where in particular a scenario is based upon various elements coming from our famous MoonLand modpack
HiCiV - History of Civilization
Nathan's Civilization II Site
Anton's Civ2 Page
Civilization II []
Tore Kullgren's Civilization II Imperator Page
Home of the Imperator Patch (v-1.0)
Allard's Civilization II Units & Other Icons Page
Maybe the most recent interesting Civ2 site
PC Game Zone (Civ2)
Many Civ2 links onto this site !
Event Horizon
A new site : "The source for cool links", especially in gaming
Civ2 at Planet Pat
The first CIVILIZATION III Homepage
I say : the most in advance ! Here is a collection of suggestions for the coming Civ III. What a great idea !
Rocky Mountain
One of the best well-presented. Many patches and units too
Andrew Coates' Civ2 page
... Where an original Space-pack could be found
The European Civilization II Site
Providing a lot of different links.
... From Danmark !
Every Civ files is detailed, which is very useful
Addicted to Civilization
One of the... slower ones, but a lot of stuff
CIV2 Fascist Page
I must say its specific Patch stays one of the best to me
MICROPROSE (Official Site)
Just to say we are in touch with what is coming
Civ2 Universe
Mikael's Civilization II Page