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I visit your web page every day ! ...the best ever. I have civ + civ2 and this web page hits the top spot !
James Askham (Thu, 04 Feb. 1999)

Access to its page
Soon Civilization will get its own sequel, "CALL TO POWER", developed by Activision. A MUST SEE !
Coming in March, but screenshots and features are already available !

You and your site are definitely an important contribution to the Civilization II community!
John Whitlam - PCGame Zone's Civilization II Pages (Sun, 05 July 1998 18:06)

Last review : Feb 08 '99
[new Link to Activision]

You are considered by many to be the best MOD maker there is.
DeluxeJedi (Sun, 12 Apr 1998 22:25:15)
The Frederic Meunié's personal modpack !

A balance between customized terrains and MoonLand modpack refined version (never shown before)
Do not miss it !
Available since Apr. 18 - '98

--- 1,703 K ---

This is the best civ2 site and I've been to almost all of them
Brandon Diggs

To the Tour Eiffel honorific page and the Awards we won

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The Mars Society

Modpacks are for personal use only. Please do not distribute.
Credit required for Units inclusion in public Modpacks
Thank you

SPECIAL MENTION to the Great Icon Library
Incredible Terrains appearance !(378 K)
We decided recently to enhance the terrains appearance, with amazing looks, probably the most astonishing land designs ever met concerning the Stonehenge Modpack !
(Cities designs showed here are from the MoonLand modpack)

MOONLAND Modpack v-3.0 is HERE !

We are very happy to credit Michael H. Nielsen concerning these tanks designs we used in the MoonLand modpack

Access to its page

The STONEHENGE Modpack V-2.1 is HERE !

Anton Vaaranmaa (Finland) says :"I downloaded your stonehenge modpack (and the moon modpack as well), and they´re the greatest mods I´ve ever seen! Absolutely FABULOUS!"

COLONIES --- by John EllisDownload COLONIES (1,256 K)
Access to John's homepage, where other historical scenarios are expected soon. You could directly join him too.
When Columbus discovered what he thought to be a western route to the riches of the Indies, an outlet was found for the intense rivalries of the Western European Powers. In future, their main arena of competition was to be the new colonial empires they founded in Africa and the Americas.
Here is the tip-top scenario ever seen ! We found out the genius the alteration of the game, with its new sounds, units and general history. A best-of not to leave aside !

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