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Last review : Nov. 23 '98

Original Civ2 Editor - PC (only 14 K !)
We are happy to congratulate M. Fredrikson (Founder and Lead Programmer for donut Software Inc.)
It is a program that lets someone with no particular computer knowledge edit "rules.txt" and all necessary features to alter the game and compose his own scenarios or modpacks.
We recommend to try !
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When Columbus discovered what he thought to be a western route to the riches of the Indies, an outlet was found for the intense rivalries of the Western European Powers. In future, their main arena of competition was to be the new colonial empires they founded in Africa and the Americas.
COLONIES --- by John EllisDownload COLONIES (1,256 K)
Access to John's homepage, where other historical scenarios are expected soon. You could directly join him too.
Here is the tip-top scenario ever seen ! We found out the genius the alteration of the game, with its new sounds, units and general history. A best-of not to leave aside !

Modpacks & Scenarios for MAC-INTOSH

We are happy to credit Larry Fildes for his attractive participation
IMPORTANT Notice : Please use ZipIt with not setting preferences to convert file names to PC compatible.

ALIEN --- by Paul HeronMac-Intosh version (676 K)

STONEHENGE v-2.1 --- by Frederic MeuniťPart - 1 (533 K)
Part - 2 (645 K)

HANTI v-1.0 --- by ******Mac-Intosh version (353 K)

VANDALS --- by ******Mac-Intosh version (633 K)

COLONIES --- by John EllisPart - 1 (610 K)
Part - 2 (610 K)

MOONLAND v-3 --- by Frederic MeuniťPart - 1 (313 K)
Part - 2 (504 K)
Part - 3 (22 K)