Last review : Nov. 16 '98

The Units below are provided as is. They are in a GIF 87a non-interlaced format. Feel free to modify them as you wish (after download to your own site thank you !).

SaucerJeepClipperTractorCaterpillarPatrol Torpedo
PollutionTraffic LightsTankerHell's BallTorch PikerGrizzly
Drift NetJinxLighted ScreenMerchantCarcassVelociraptor
FortressB-52 Bomber(*)Mig-25 Fighter(*)Underground DefensesT-62(*)AMX-30(*)
Double Batt-RamTriceratopsApatausaurusPteranodonMirage F1
Laurent San-Giao
Laurent San-Giao

(*) - We are happy to credit Michael H.Nielsen, original designer of these units.

Do you want to change the combat effects ?
Download the picture below and paste it into your "icons.gif" file

So many questions about the Units Sounds Table ! Do not cry anymore !
GREAT JOB on your site, its really taking off, glad to see your covering different areas of Civ II/III that aren't cover else where, keep up the great work.

----- Michael D. McCart (Heaven's Web) -----

Special Show

Designs by Bruce Hallett
An other Spy...
Revisited Icons

HighwaysTo be placed into Terrain1.gif, vs the Railroad strip

Rq : Due to not alter the game if the highways do not fit you, I DID NOT alter any term out of the texts. So, officially, they stay like railroads.
Higher city wallsStonehenge original cities design
MoonLand modpack 3.0 version Cities design

Download the full collection of Cities !

These remarquable designs are adapted from Outpost 1.0 (SIERRA)

Units sounds TableHelp for Modpacks makersTake care ! Some sounds are in fact running with the addition of other ones (i.e. : Fire order + a few cannon shots)

Here are above the used xxx.WAV names concerning the standard Units file, located in the Sound sub-directory under Civ directory.
Anyhow, this chart shows my own search about that feature. In some cases (I am personally playing with the Fascist Patch, upgraded from my own, so no longer that file as shown), sounds can be altered. For instance, a unit which is destroyed after attacking will surely get the "Missile" sound (I created one : the Pro-Killer). But, mainly, the unit location out of the table will give the sound.
TIP : Get or create a new sound, save the real one somewhere else, and give the previous name to your desired sound. It works perfectly.

You're supposed to know how to copy and paste pictures into your Units.gif. Please take care of the following points :

Any way, start by make a safe copy of the original Units.gif & Rules.txt
Take care of saving your new files under GIF Non-interlaced 87a format only.
Respect the blue spots on the green border (up & left) : they give the future position of the shield.
The pictures above are exactly at the right size.
Just place them correctly, and at their right place (see the comments above).
If you want to modify them, never alter the dark magenta areas at the bottom of the pictures.
Do not change any lines in Rules.txt other than the ones corresponding to these new units.
I am not responsible for the wild effects caused by those two files in case you have trouble following instructions.