Last review : July 16 '98

Frederic MEUNIE's MoonLand Modpack for Civilization 2

Your Moonland MOD is the best I've ever seen, and I have seen a lot !
Reuben Kellen (July 15 '98)
I write to congratulate you on the fine modpack you have made (Moonland). It is a enormous upgrade to the other Moon Modpack.
Jared Ostlie (CivMania Civ2 Site)

ACCESS to the

A new Saucer unit design, to be pasted into "Units.gif"

We warmly thank SIERRA for its contribution with some remarkable designs :
A free-distributed CD-ROM of Outpost v-1.0 gave me the idea to enhance the MoonLand modpack cities...
Adapted to Civilization, it's terrific too !

MoonLand modpack v-3.0 is HERE !
Included, both lunar & conventional terrains !
For safety and download comfort reasons, the main files and the sounds
have been fixed into two different ZIP files. Be sure to get both of them !

Main Files for PC

--- 397 K ---

Sounds for PC

--- 505 K ---

All units have been changed, from different sources
All their sounds have been enhanced
All cities have been adapted from Outpost v-1.0 (SIERRA)
The advances-tree architecture is completely new
The terrains have been upgraded, still in accordance with the Moon appearence
Included, a technical design for the Interactive City Screen
Combats won't be the same anymore with their NEW explosions !
Love it ? Comments ? The is here.

Still available, original space-adapted Terrains (planets)
Examples :
DOWNLOAD the full collection of Space-terrains (26 K)