Last review : July 16 '98

Frederic MEUNIE's STONEHENGE Modpack for Civilization 2

I'd just like to say that, the Stonehenge MOD is an amazing MOD. First time in ages I have played civ2 for more than an hour at a time. (I played it for about 5 hours straight then another 2 during the same day)
Andrew Coates
The stonehenge mod is the most interesting game I have ever played in my life

ACCESS to the

In order for the Modpack (Stonehenge) to run under the version 2.7.81 of Civ2 (That is the Fantastic Worlds CD), the Labels.txt had to be re-written. We congratulate Benjamin Rittgers for having done it. Please download this updated file ( 4 K ).
We warmly thank the Dinoplanet Site, maintained by Joe Tucciarone, for his contribution. A remarquable high-quality gallery of paintings !

We highly recommend to visit his incredibly true-vivid gallery !

Below, some included icons ...

... examples of the new sites (previously cities) designs...

... and a few Units, too.



Civilization advancesOct. 01
Advances relationships & dependencesOct. 04
City improvementsOct. 05
Wonders of the WorldOct. 08
Expiration advancements for WoWOct. 08
Icons (Improvements & WoW)Oct. 12
Design of UnitsOct. 13
Units parametersOct. 16
Sounds allocationOct. 20
Trading commoditiesOct. 20
Design of CitiesOct. 20
Design of PeopleOct. 20
Leaders namesOct. 21
Cities namesOct. 22
Upgrade to version 2.0Nov. 02
Upgrade to version 2.1Nov. 21

It is incredible, but all of those domains has been altered, modified and enhanced...!

Already get the 2.0 version ? Great !
So, only the reduced Pack is necessary. Welldone !
--- 1,257 K --- --- 61 K ---

The Stonehenge Modpack covers the period of the very beginning of the Humanity, from deep and dark ages until the discovery of Horseback Riding and Coblestone, probably 10,000 BC. This modpack is not based upon any true scientifict concept, which allowed us to include pre-historical dinosaurs, for the pleasure of designs and sounds.
Quite all of the TXT, GIF and WAV files have been altered, which definitely gives a full new game to play. Any suggestion is welcome and will be individually considered.
Dinosaurs designs are submitted to Copyright, please do not distribute them. Thank you.

NOW Available ! The Units Table for our Stonehenge Modpack !
(Acrobat Reader needed)

We are very happy to credit Greg DeAngelo concerning his useful & accurate contribution
--- 34 K ---

STILL Available ! The Advances Tree Table for our Stonehenge Modpack !

--- 53 K ---

Faster Advances chaseThe advances are found faster than before (by altering the proper figure in the rules), which gives a more exciting rythm to the game. Enjoy !
SupportThe Advances Tree has been completly modified... So, do not try to follow the previous wellknown steps...
For the same reason, Civilopedia won't give any help ! (just forget it, and if needed, rely on the Advances Tree, provided above)
Anticipate !Be attracted by the advances in relation with the agressiveness, especially in the beginnings is well-understood, for sure... But it could divert you from the necessary improvements later (water supply for instance, or barter place...)
Special unitsThe Soldier could manage "amphibious assaults", and the WhipLady ignores zones of control and... is able to catch attacking birds !
For experienced gamers ?Truly, the Stonehenge Modpack seems to be more difficult to play than the original version of Civilization : a couple of advances and wonders aren't available before a while !